Tell me what you want, and I will tell you what you have to do financially to get it !

Since 1999, I have predicted the tops and bottoms of the stock market 5 times in a row!  I averaged 8.446% per year for the 5 years ending 12/31/2008 while the average stock Mutual Fund lost almost 1% per year for those same 5 years!

I am not a market timer; I try to get in near the bottom and out near the top. I make most of the profits, and avoid most of the losses, and I beat just about everyone.

For a $100 annual fee, I will tell you when to get into the stock market, and when to get out. I will also tell you which investment options to use in your  retirement plan.

We do not have a crystal ball. We do not really predict future events in the stock market. Rather, we recognize what has already happened, and we know what comes next and approximately when. With that information, you wil be able to capture most of the profits, and avoid most of the losses.

We will tell you that  by (date) we expect that the market will decline.

That information means that as we approach that (date) we expect that the market will decline. The date is not magical - it is a good estimate of when the decline wil begin, but the decline will probably not start exactly on that date.

You will watch the market , and as that date approaches, you wil be looking for the decline to begin. You will wait to see the market decline for 2 days . On the third day if the market still declines, then you will pull your assets out of the market.

We will also tell you when to get back into the market. Again, this is not a magical date. Youwill divide your money into 10 pieces, and each week, you wil put a piece back into the market. That process is called Dollar Cost Averaging.

Sure, you will suffer a slight loss waiting for the market to confirm our expectations of a decline, but you will avoid the rest of the decline. Likewise, you will not get back into the market at THE lowest price, but you will capture most of the profit in the recovery. There is an old saying in the stock market:

        Bulls make money; Bears make money; but Pigs go broke.

We cannot be "perfect" and neither can you. Do not worry about losing a little money or missing out on a little profit.

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 As a special incentive for you to apply now, if you apply before November 30, 2011, your annual fee will always be only $100.00!  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, you can always choose not to renew, but for $100 now, you cannot go wrong!

Financial Planning

It is all in the Details

Financial Planning is more complex than rocket science, and more dangerous than brain surgery. You will spend the rest of your life paying for every financial mistake that you make. So we want to make sure that your Financial Planning is done correctly. We have to deal with a lot of details just to make sure that we are accurately working on a financial plan that will produce the results that you want.


Each investment has advantages which help you, and disadvantages which can hurt you. Which investments are best is determined by when you want the results. The date between now and when you want to spend the money determines the amount of time available for the investment to “mature” so that you can pay the bill for what you want.

We develop your strategy by enumerating what you want and when you want it. The cost of what you want with adjustment for inflation determines how much you will need at a future date. The amount of time between now and that future date is the time which determines which investments you can use successfully.

Yes, you will end up with some of your money invested in the Stock market, and some in the Bond market, and some in guaranteed accounts, but the proportions for your strategy will be different than the proportions for anyone else‘s strategy. Your strategy has to be tailored to your available resources. That is why we do all the work with the details.

I perform a proprietary analysis which I call a Walk Thru Time SM in order to tie all your separate financial projects into one composite problem. I literally pay all of your bills each year on paper by identifying where you will get the money. After retirement age, I withdraw money from your savings accounts in order to supplement your Social Security income if necessary to pay your bills. Creating your financial model is an iterative process. We will not get the right answer the first time. Once we think we have correctly established the model of your lifestyle, then we determine whether you can afford that lifestyle.

 Everyone has a much better idea of what they want rather than what it costs. You will think of things that you forgot to include; you will realize that something costs more (or less) than you originally thought. For those reasons, we go back and forth changing this and that until we find something that you like and can afford. The survivor of the average couple lives to the year in which the oldest spouse would have been age 92. Obviously, you want to have enough income to pay for your lifestyle up until that age. Unfortunately no one is average. That is why I insist on paying for your lifestyle until age 100. You may laugh about age 100, but there are over 79,000 Americans who have lived beyond age 100!

Once we have a good model of your future, then we have to ask “what happens if…” If you die, what happens to your family’s future finances. They have to live, go to college, and retire etc. This analysis determines how much Life insurance you need at various ages.

If you become disabled for a year while you are still working, what happens to your intended future?. This analysis determines how much Disability Income insurance you need. Disability causes nearly 50% of all mortgage foreclosures. Only 2% are caused by death. Health Affairs, The Policy Journal of the Health Sphere, 2 February 2005

If you enter a Nursing Home, how will you pay for that? Will the cost devastate your retirement finances? This analysis determines how much Long Term Care Income insurance you need.

What happens when you and your spouse have died? What is the inheritance that you leave to your heirs

Going through the process of creating your model and asking the tough questions is very instructive. 95% of the public cannot afford all the insurance that would protect them from all those what if situations. However, going through the planning process makes you much more confident that you can handle the future no matter what happens. The process teaches you how you can use your resources to deal with a problem. While you may not have enough resources to do everything the “ideal way” the planning exercise prepares you to use your resources to deal with any problem - even the ones we did not anticipate.

The Walk Thru Time SM takes months to complete. That is why it costs $300. If you cannot afford that price now, then I will supply you with a basic spreadsheet which you will fill out and that will get you started correctly. That spreadsheet costs $15

At least 95% of Americans will not be able to accumulate enough money for their retirement unless they invest in the stock market.

We talk in generalities when we describe your desired lifestyle, but Financial Planning requires all the details. Food, shelter, and clothing, transportation etc. are nice generalities, but those words have to be translated into dollars so that we know how much money is involved. How much do you spend on food at home? How often do you eat out at a restaurant? How old is the roof on your house, or the furnace etc. Each one of those details and many more is a separate financial project which requires the correct investment. The collection of all those specific investment strategies adds up to be the overall strategy of how you are going to succeed! Investments are tools that help you achieve those results.